From Construction Site to Home: Pallets Become Furniture

Pallet Furniture

Furniture Made from Pallets

You know what pallets are- they are wooden, movable platforms used to stack, store and move products. They are especially useful when using a forklift to move and store these goods. When pallets get too old to fulfill their mission, then what happens to these otherwise perfectly good pieces of wood? The answer is: In the right hands, just about anything can happen to these versatile, strong, building blocks for all kinds of furniture.

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see discarded pallets turning up as folding chairs, school desks, or lounge furniture. Many designers have been working with pallets, and have come up with some great ideas for recycling them. In particular two British designers launched a company in 2010 whose first project was an innovative design for a folding chair. Later they went the next step to creating a folding table. Both items can lay flat and are easy to store.

The designers patiently and painstakingly remove every nail and carefully take apart the wood and save the nails. When rebuilding the pallets into their folding chairs they reuse the nails and the wood, never using new wood or even new pallets. All the pallets they use are discarded and can’t be re-used as pallets. Any leftover wood from the pallets is made into another type of chair, which they call the X-Chair.

The designers are currently running a Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed here: