Harvard Law School Leads the Way

Green is the New Crimson

Green is the New Crimson

It’s always encouraging to look to others for examples about creating green living programs. Whether you’re an elementary school teacher setting up your classroom desks for the year, or you’re a professor at a local university getting your podiums ready for this year’s lectures, there are always more ways that you could be encouraging recycling.

The Harvard Law School Green Living Program is certainly leading the way. They are in their 8 the moment as a peer-to-peer education program. They promote green living in the Harvard Law School dorms by connecting Green Living Representatives with other residents to teach them about energy and water conservation. They teach them, as well, about recycling and waste reduction and they sponsor all sorts of programs throughout the school year.

For instance, they had a recent program where the dorms competed to see which room could save the most energy over a given time period. They monitored the energy use of each room and announced the largest energy saver at the end of the program. Starting in 2011, the program made sure that there were compost centers available in every dorm and administrative building on the Harvard Law campus. This is another way that they encouraged more recycling and enabled people to do so with easy steps.

These are but a few of the many programs that the Harvard Law School Green Living Program has started. They are certainly a leader in the field of recycling and are one to look to as a model.