Light Bulbs Really Can Make a Difference

energy star

It sounds ridiculous to think that a single light bulb can make a difference – but it really can. When thinking about green living in a school, light bulbs can really help with energy conservation. One important focus is on ENERGY STAR. The ENERGY STAR program, started in 1992 by EPA is a voluntary program “to identify and promote energy-efficient products and buildings in order to reduce energy consumption, improve energy security, and reduce pollution through voluntary labeling of or other forms of communication about products…”

When a product is labeled as ENERGY STAR, you’ll know that it is more energy efficient and will last longer than other products. It takes less energy to make the light bulb work, this helping the school, the budget and the environment. Certainly, school furniture is an area of focus and concern, but so is energy and the easy ways to become more energy efficient in the classroom.