Saying Goodbye to Plastic Bags


When we talk about making our schools more eco-friendly, we are often talking about global ideas. We look at water use, electricity and more. But there are actually much more simple ways to create eco-friendly classrooms. And one of these ideas is to pack eco-friendly lunches for your kids. Here are suggestions for doing so:

1. Cut the waste. Don’t use the plastic bags and single-serve lunch items at the store.

2. Purchase a plastic container for each kid that has separate compartments. This helps with portion control since you have different compartments that allow for only a certain amount of food. It also helps you to speed up the lunch-making process since you can make it the night before and fill up each compartment.

3. You’ll actually save money by using a plastic or stainless steel container. While the lunch box may cost more up front, you’ll save money since you won’t be paying for prepackaged items and you won’t be using four to five baggies a day.