Steps to Starting a Green Program at School


If your school is interested in starting a green program to reduce its carbon footprint and to help the environment, there are a number of tips that can help you. Here are some ways that the school can get started.

1. Enjoy the E-Life: Get the school to start using paperless communication. Get email addresses for everyone in the school and encourage teachers to communicate through email. Homework assignments can all be send through email, as can classroom announcements.

2. Green Bulletin Board Fun: Create a school bulletin board and advertise environmental news there. You might even want this board to be done electronically, as a Facebook page or something similar.

3. Try to get the entire school involved in a green project. Challenge everyone to have a week bag-free. Everyone should figure out how to bring their school lunches for an entire week without any plastic bags. There are other suggestions like this that will get the kids away from their school chairs and doing something active for the environment.