Schools Implement Green Living Programs

Sustainable Living

Sustainable Living is a Valuable Asset

Schools and other educational institutes are beginning to invest more time and effort in green living and recycling. Harvard Law, for example, launched its Green Living Program seven years ago in an effort to promote sustainable living in the college dorms. The program educates the residents about energy and water conservation, as well as recycling and waste reduction, while representatives also suggest infrastructure and policy adjustments that can improve conservation.

Other programs have been launched across the U.S. as well, including those which recycle old school furniture. New additions to schools often incorporate recycled materials, while classes and school policies help educate students about their own impact on the environment, and ways they too can contribute to and preserve our planet.

The Funding Factory Helps Schools and Churches Raise the Money They Need

As recycling gains momentum in the United States, more and more organizations are taking advantage of the trend and creating opportunities to raise money for their institution’s many needs. One innovative company, Clover Technologies, has instituted a program called Funding Factory. Clover is the largest remanufacturer and recycler of consumer imaging supplies, such as inkjet and toner cartridges, in the world. By recycling not only cartridges, but also cell phones, MP3 players, digital cameras and other devices, Funding Factory can help schools and churches raise the money to purchase the things they need, such as church furniture or podiums.

Watch the following video to see how one church and its affiliate school joined together with Funding Factory and raised $22,000 over the past 12 years simply by recycling.