3 Tips for Teachers to Go Green

recycledAs a teacher, you don’t have to change everything that you already do to create a more green classroom. Here are three quick tips for creating a more green environment without a lot of hassle.

1. Stop encouraging your students to buy everything new. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean that they have to throw out all of their old pencils, pens and supplies and get brand new ones. Help them to go through their already existing supplies and to see what they really need. Then, only purchase the things that they absolutely need to have.

2. Try to become more tech savvy. Rather than putting everything on paper for your students and leaving it on their school chairs, try to start using email more. Use email for notices that you need to tell the students about, for homework assignments and for classroom projects. This will save a great deal of trees and will really make a difference. Encourage students to email back their homework to you.

3. Buy recycled paper and keep it in the classroom. When you absolutely must use paper and must have your students do so, you can at least use recycled paper. Encourage the school to get involved in this way and to buy recycled paper for everyone.