Tips for the Environmentally Friendly Student

Whether you’re going back to school for the new year or want a fresh start with a greener image, there are many ways to be more green at school. Here are some suggestions for being more environmentally friendly during your school day.

1. Before you rush out to buy new school supplies, make sure that you don’t already have them at home. Make a list and avoid duplicates. Look at the supplies that you may have around the house and consider using them, even if they aren’t shiny and perfect.

2. Clothing: You can go to second-hand stores for clothing and still look hip. You can also look for clothes made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo.

3. The Greener Pen: You can use refillable pencils and longer lasting pens these days. Keep your pencils and pens until they absolutely run out and treat them well. If your school desks have a place to store supplies, you can store them there and count on them lasting for longer than you might expect.

4. Say No To Paper: In this electronic age, so much can be done without paper. Teachers can email homework assignments and you can email them back. Notifications can be done through email or through a WhatsApp group.